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Power Electronics Converters and Future Power Grid - Thursday, September 3rd

Sep 03, 2020

The 2020 Annual Conference will, for the first time, showcase the collaborative efforts of world-leading programs at Virginia Tech and Tsinghua University. These groups are working to bridge the ever-decreasing gap between Power Systems and Power Electronics and leverage their combined potential to bring about the benefits of the future power grid.

These collaborations will be featured on Thursday, Sep 3rd, under the topic Power Electronics Converters and Future Power Grid. For more detail on the schedule click here.

The day starts with a shared Keynote address from the leaders of this collaboration: Chongqing Kang, Professor and Dean of Electrical Engineering at Tsinghua University; Chen-Ching Liu, Professor and Director, Power and Energy Center at Virginia Tech; Dushan Boroyevich, Professor and Director, Center for Power Electronics Systems.

Following the Keynote, parallel Technical Highlights sessions - VII Resiliency, Stability and Energy Management of Power Grids and VIII Machine Learning and Resiliency - will include paper presentations by authors from Tsinghua, PEC, and CPES. After these presentations, all authors will be available for questions and comments in Individual Discussions.

Technical Presentation IV will then feature three related, longer format, presentations, one from each group.

The day concludes with the parallel Technical Highlights sessions IX WBG Devices, Converters and Control and X New Methodologies for Transmission and Distribution. Again, all authors will be available after the presentations to speak with the audience.

For more information on CPES collaboration with PEC, please see the article, "Power and Energy, Power Electronics teams integrate renewable energy in smart grids" on page 4 of the 2020 CPES Annual Report.

For more information on CPES collaboration with Tsinghua University, please see the article, "A Globe-spanning University Partnership" on page 6 of the 2020 CPES Annual Report.

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