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2020 CPES Conference

Technical Presentations I (Click to Expand)

P-I.1: Withstand Physics and Failure Mechanisms of p-Gate GaN HEMTs under Transient Surge Energy
Ruizhe Zhang, Joseph P. Kozak, Ming Xiao, Yuhao Zhang
P-I.2: Analysis of Parastic Capacitors Impact on Voltage Sharing of Series-Connected SiC MOSFETs and Body-Diodes
Xiang Lin, Lakshmi Ravi, Yuhao Zhang, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos
P-I.3: Common-Mode EMI Noise Reduction for Interleaved Multichannel GaN-Based PFC Converter
Shuo Wang, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li

Technical Presentations II (Click to Expand)

P-II.1: High-Frequency Transformer Design with High-Voltage Insulation for Modular Power Conversion from Medium-Voltage AC to 400-V DC
Zheqing Li, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee, Yi-Hsun Hsieh, Orion Chen
P-II.2: Evaluation of Alternative AC Filter Building Blocks (FBB) for Modular Three-Level Grid-Tied Inverters
Ripun Phukan, Sungjae Ohn, Rolando Burgos, Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich
P-II.3: Insulation Design and Assessment of a 16 kV Rated PCB Based Planar DC Bus with Distributed Capacitors
Lakshmi Ravi, Xiang Lin, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos

Technical Presentations III (Click to Expand)

P-III.1: An Optimized Wireless-Power-Transfer Converter Powering Medium-voltage, High dv/dt Modular Conversion Systems
Keyao Sun, Jun Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich
P-III.2: Series-Capacitor Buck Converter with Soft Turn-On for Datacenters
Cong Tu, Khai Ngo, Rengang Chen
P-III.3: High-Efficiency High-Density DC/DC Converter for Battery Charger Applications
Feng Jin, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee

Technical Presentations IV (Click to Expand)

P-IV.1: A Novel DQ Impedance Measurement Method in Three-Phase Balanced Systems
Ye Tang, Rolando Burgos, Bo Wen, Dushan Boroyevich
P-IV.2: Testbed Development for Real-Time Hardware-in-the-Loop Demonstration for Flexible Combined Heat and Power Systems
Sangeetha Rajasekeran
P-IV.3: Discrete State Event-Driven Approach for Power Electronic Simulation
Bochen Shi, Zhengming Zhao, Yicheng Zhu, Zhujun Yu, Jiahe Ju

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