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2020 CPES Conference

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T-III.1: Damping Selection Strategy Considering Reliability for Maximum Energy on the Wave Energy Power Converters
Chien-An Chen, Lei Zuo, Khai Ngo
T-III.2: Imbalance Mechanism and Balancing Control of DC Voltages in a Transformerless Series Injector Based on Paralleled H-Bridge Converters for AC Impedance Measurement
Zeng Liu, Igor Cvetkovic, Zhiyu Shen, Dushan Boroyevich, Rolando Burgos, Jinjun Liu
T-III.3: Characterization of 4.5 kV SiC Charge-Balanced MOSFETs
Ibrahim M. Eshera, Christina M. DiMarino
T-III.4: A Square-Shaped Omnidirectional Wireless Charing Bowl with a Double Layer Electromagnetic Shield for Portable Device Applications
Junjie Feng, Qiang Li, Fred Lee
T-III.5: LCCL-LC Resonant Converter and Its Soft Switching Realization for Omnidirectional Wireless Power Transfer Systems
Junjie Feng, Qiang Li, Fred Lee
T-III.6: A High-Efficiency High-Density Wide-Bandgap Device-Based Bidirectional On-Board Charger
Bin Li, Qiang Li, Fred Lee, Zhengyang Liu, Yuchen Yang
T-III.7: Practical Implementation and Efficiency Evaluation of a Phase Shifted Full Bridge DC-DC Converter Using Radiation Hardened GaN FETs for Space Applications
Victor Turriate, J. Witcher, Dushan Boroyevich, Rolando Burgos
T-III.8: Critical-Conduction-Mode-Based Soft-Switching Modulation for Three-Phase PV Inverters with Reactive Power Transfer Capability
Zhengrong Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
T-III.9: Improved Three-Phase Critical-Mode-Based Soft-Switching Modulation Technique with Low Leakage Current for PV Inverter Application
Zhengrong Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
T-III.10: PCB Winding Coupled Inductor Design for Critical-Mode-Based Three-Phase Bidirectional AC-DC Converters with Balance Technique
Zhengrong Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
T-III.11: High-Frequency PCB Winding Transformer With Integrated Inductors for a Bi-Directional Resonant Converter
Bin Li, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
T-III.12: Design and Analysis of High-Temperature GaN-Based Active Filter for EMI Suppression in Electric Drive Applications
Daniel Knapp, Tam Nguyen, Rolando Burgos
T-III.13: Physics of Degradation in SiC MOSFETs Stressed by Over-voltage and Over-current Switching
Joseph Kozak, Ruizhe Zhang, Jingcun Liu, Khai Ngo, Yuhao Zhang
T-III.14: Medium Voltage Dual Active Bridge Using 3.3 kV SiC MOSFETs for EV Charging Application
Lee Gill, Takayuki Ikari, Toshihiro Kai, Bo Li, Khai Ngo, Dong Dong
T-III.15: A Distributed Hierarchical Digital Control System for Medium-Voltage Modular Converters Enabling Peak Current Mode Control for Parallel Operation
Qian Li, Jun Wang, Igor CvetKovic, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.16: Design Optimization of Unregulated LLC Converter with Integrated Magnetics for Two-Stage 48V VRM
Mohamed H. Ahmed, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li
T-III.17: Wide Voltage Range High-Efficiency Sigma Converter 48V VRM With Integrated Magnetics
Mohamed H. Ahmed, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li
T-III.18: Development of Data Acquisition Software for Power System Impedance Measurements
Vladimir Mitrovic, Bo Wen, Dushan Boroyevich, Rolando Burgos, Sizhan Zhou, Zhiyu Shen
T-III.19: Gate-driver Integrated, Junction Temperature Estimation of SiC MOSFET Half-bridge Modules
Slavko Mocevic, Jun Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Marko Jaksic, Mehrdad Teimor
T-III.20: Low Loss Integrated Inductor and Transformer Structure and Application in Regulated LLC Converter for 48V Bus Converter
Mohamed Ahmed, Ahmed Nabih, Fred C. Lee, Qiang Li
T-III.21: Development of a Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Induction Machine Emulator
John Noon, He Song, Bo Wen, Igor Cvetkovic, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.22: 16kV Input 200kW Rated SiC Based Three Phase Inverter
Lakshmi Ravi, Xiang Lin, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos
T-III.23: Control Technique for CRM-Based High Frequency Soft Switching Three-Phase Inverter Under Grid Fault Condition
Gibong Son, Zhengrong Huang, Qiang Li, Fred C. Lee
T-III.24: Design and Multi-Objective Optimization of Coil and Magnetic for Wireless Power Transfer in Auxiliary Power Network
Keyao Sun, Jun Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.25: Auxiliary Power Network Architecture for 10 kV SiC-based Power Electronics Building Blocks
Keyao Sun, Ning Yan, Jun Wang, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.26: Voltage Balancing of Four Series-Connected SiC MOSFETs under 2 kV Bus Voltage using Active dv/dt Control
Emma Raszmann, Keyao Sun, Rolando Burgos, Igor Cvetkovic, Jun Wang, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.27: Design and Test of a 6 kV Phase-Leg using Four Stacked 1.7 kV SiC MOSFET High-Current Modules
Emma Raszmann, Keyao Sun, Rolando Burgos, Igor Cvetkovic, Jun Wang, Dong Dong, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.28: Stability Analysis of Power Systems With Multiple STATCOMs in Close Proximity
Chi Li, Rolando Burgos, Bo Wen, Ye Tang, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.29: Analysis of STATCOM Small-Signal Impedance in the Synchronous D-Q Frame
Chi Li, Rolando Burgos, Bo Wen, Ye Tang, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.30: Electric Field Control by Nonlinear Field Dependent Conductivity Dielectrics Characterization for High Voltage Power Module Packaging
Maryam Tousi, Mona Ghassemi
T-III.31: Current Sharing Behavior and Characterization of a 1200 V, 6.5m SiC Half-Bridge Power Module with Flexible PCB Gate Loop Connection
Grace Watt, Slavko Mocevic, Rolando Burgos, Amy Romero, Marko Jaksic, Mehrdad Teimor
T-III.32: Design of a Compact, Low Inductance 1200 V, 6.5m SiC Half-Bridge Power Module with Flexible PCB Gate Loop Connection
Grace Watt, Amy Romero, Rolando Burgos, Marko Jaksic
T-III.33: Evaluation of an Automated Modeling Tool Applied to New 600 V, 2 A Vertical GaN Transistors
Grace Watt, Alan Courtay, Amy Romero, Rolando Burgos, Rongming Chu, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.34: Insulation Online Monitoring for Critical Components inside SiC based Medium Voltage Converter Prototype
Yue Xu, Chongxing Zhang, Chaofei Gao, Jun Wang, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Ming Ren
T-III.35: Shipboard PEBB Cooling Strategies
S. Yang, J. S. Chalfant, J. C. Ordonez, J. A. Khan, C. Li, I. Cvetkovic, J. V. C. Vargas, M. B. Chagas, Y. Xu, R. P. Burgos, D. Boroyevich
T-III.36: External Insulation Design and Assessment for Critical Components in Medium Voltage SiC based Converter via Optical Method
Chongxing Zhang, Yue Xu, Ming Dong, Rolando Burgos, Ming Ren, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.37: Three-Terminal Common-Mode EMI Model for EMI Generation, Propagation, and Mitigation in a Full-SiC Three-Phase UPS Module
Sungjae Ohn, Jianghui Yu, Paul Rankin, Bingyao Sun, Rolando Burgos, Dushan Boroyevich, Harish Suryanarayana, Christopher Belcastro
T-III.38: Optimal Real-Time Coordination of Energy Storage Units As a Voltage-Constrained Game
Sarthak Gupta, Vassilis Kekatos, Walid Saad
T-III.39: Creating Realistic Synthetic Power Distribution Networks based on Interdependent Road Infrastructure
Rounak Meyur, Madhav Marathe, Anil Vullikanti, Virgilio Centeno
T-III.40: A Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Testbench for Aerospace Applications
John Noon, He Song, Bo Wen, Rolando Burgos, Igor Cvetkovic, Dushan Boroyevich, Srdjan Srdic, Gernot Pammer
T-III.41: Resiliency of Distribution Systems Incorporating Asynchronous Information for System Restoration
Juan C. Bedoya, Jing Xie, Yubo Wang, Xi Zhang, Chen-Ching Liu
T-III.42: A Novel Integrated DC/DC Converter for Distributed Power Management in Emerging Heterogeneous IoT System in Package Applications
Xingye Liu, Paul Ampadu
T-III.43: Finite Element Analysis of HF Pulsed Plasma Streamer Discharge in Flue Gaseous Dielectric
Matthew Kallicharran, Mona Ghassemi
T-III.44: Techniques and Methodology to Provide Resiliency for Micro-grids Distribution Networks
Matthew Kallicharran, Mona Ghassemi
T-III.45: Current Control with RSCS for Motor Drive
Sang Min Kim, Rolando Burgos
T-III.46: Improved PCB Winding Structure for 11kW CRM PFC Converter
Phu Hieu Pham, Shuo Wang, Ahmed Nabih, Qiang Li, Fred. C. Lee
T-III.47: Control and Hardware Design of Matrix Converters Operating in Step-up Mode
Boran Fan, Rolando Burgos, Vicky Baker, Dushan Boroyevich
T-III.48: Optimized Stage Turn-off strategy of Hybrid Circuit Breaker
Jian Liu, Lakshmi Ravi, Rolando Burgos, Dong Dong

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