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2020 CPES Conference

PEC Faculty Panel (Click to Expand)

F.1: Adversarially Robust Learning and Control for Power Grid
Ming Jin
PEC Faculty
F.2: Machine Learning for Power System Optimization and Monitoring
Vassilis Kekatos
PEC Faculty
F.3: Learning in a Highly Variable Power System: Transition to Inverter-Dominated Resources
Ali Mehrizi-Sani
PEC Faculty
F.4: Time synchronized measurement for distribution systems
Virgilio Centeno
PEC Faculty
F.5: Optimal Capacity and Placement of Microgrids for Resiliency Enhancement of Distribution Networks Under Extreme Weather Events
Mona Ghassemi
PEC Faculty
F.6: Anomaly Detection for Electricity Trading
Paul Ampadu
PEC Faculty
F.7: Security, Reliability, and Resiliency of the Power Grid
Chen-Ching Liu
PEC Director

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